A list of efficient quick faucets to claim coins in less than 1 minutes for 6 faucets

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For those of you looking for a faucet list which does not require to spend hours on recaptcha or clicks on pop ups, here is my tested faucet list which requires only 2 minutes or less to claim hundreds of coins 🙂

I only do that 3 times a day, and I can assure you that it does not takes more than 2 minutes to claim from these 6 faucets and that there is no quickest faucet to click and collect your coins from.

First, you have to register to  Coinpot (https://coinpot.co)
Be carefull. The e-mail address you are using there is the one you have to use to collect coins and send them automatically to your wallet on Coinpot. So be carefull to use a real e-mail address and not to forget it.


1 – Quick Faucet for Bitcoin
2 – Quick Faucet for Litecoin
3 – Quick Faucet for Dogecoin
4 – Quick Faucet for Dashcoin
5 – Quick Faucet for Bitcoin Cash   (this one is not easy to find. It is the Moon faucet to claim Bitcoin Cash) 🙂 UPDATED April 13th 2018 !!
6 – Faucet for Bitcoins and games (a nice way to spent time online!)