How good are Mahabis slippers ? Are they scam ? My advice on Mahabis slippers after 2 years

No ! Hell no ! That is the best product I discovered on facebook ever! I was first very reluctant, but I decided to see nd paid with a protected card against fraud, just in case of…  but nothing bad happened and actually, I even order a second pair six months after the first one 🙂 And I never wear slippers usually…

If I take the opportunity to write in English a user experience about mahabis it is because I see so many questions on facebook comments as related to the quality of this shoes for home. I have not experienced a single bad thing about my two pairs and always had lots of compliments from my friends who wanted to know where I had bought them. I have one for winter times (light grey with yellow soles – very warm!) and another one for summer times (the navy ones with white soles – just great for the spring, summer and autumn). I also have two notebooks, which I just love, heavy plain paper, very nice feeling when I write. They are an absolute top, with fully blank pages which you can use to draw or take notes in beeing proud of the object itself. I am just a big fan 🙂

It has been two years now that I bought my first pair, when winter was about to come. At that time, the scandinavian design was already well established in every hipster’s house, with a replica of the scandinavian chair or minimalist Garamond fonts in wood frames. Yes, we all have this kind of things, I think 🙂

Well, the mahabis are just for you if you think that confort goes well with design. They are not Crocs! But is is true that you love or you hate them at first sight. And after two years, my winter soles are like new! I wash them every two months (I have a yellow soles on a light grey Mahabis) with the ecologic kaolin powder or stone you can find in every supermarket now. The same you can use to wash your white Stan Smith. They really come like new! I guess that even soap or any cleaning liquid can work. I use them to go to the mailbox, or to the garbage room. A little bit to pick up my croissants at the corner of the street on week-ends and I usually see people looking at paying a lot of attentions on my mahabis. Someone even asked me once where I bought them 🙂


As for my mahabis, mine are like new and that is really what I would like to testify here. The only thing is that if your feet stink, you should wear socks, which is not always very nice for the general look, but small socks are fine and you can wear that king of socks as you would do in other snickers. Otherwise, it will be just not possible to wear them after two weeks because they can become stincky – especially the winter ones.
I am now looking for new colors and associations and I see that they just created a new one, a vivid green / blue which I like a lot 🙂 I will maybe buy just these soles in a few days. Or maybe, a complete set with assorted candle and notebook in black. So much classier and design than the Moleskine !


So if you want to jum on, follow this link. Usually, when reffered, you can get a special offer which will pop up if you follow me (usually 10% off!)! And don’t hesitate to let any comment if you already experienced them under this article!